Sunday, May 19, 2013

Finally a quilt photo

It's a terrible cycle isn't it? I take a glance at the last date that I wrote a post, and promptly promise myself that I'll post much more frequently from then on. And even with my good intentions, it doesn't happen. Although I'm realistic and don't expect myself to post every other day, I can be sure I'll have much more time to take pictures and create blog posts once this semester comes to a close! Only 5 more days, but that includes one final on each weekday until I'm officially done with my sophomore year on Thursday at 11pm...wish me luck!

Anyway, although I'm away at school until summer of course, I do happen to have a couple of photos of what I've been working on these last couple of times I've been home for the weekend. And I just added to my horror by clicking "view blog" just in case I was wrong, but indeed I've never posted a picture of a quilt, even an in progress shot! Now I really need to hang my head in shame. But at least I can remedy that! Here's a photo of the quilt I started a little too early before Easter arrived, using some Joann's fabrics. (shh, don't tell anyone, they were too cute to pass up since I adore rabbits but I promise that my stash is 90% quilt shop quality!) Once I get ahold of the photos taken on my parents' camera I'll be able to show you the finished quilt and all of its loveliness, and technically my first one ever!

This shows the quilt blocks sewn in rows I do believe. Can you tell my favorite color is purple and that I absolutely adore rabbits? :)

And here's my most recent sewing related finish. I poked around in my small bin of scraps and decided that this combo was a good one as I have used it along with a solid purple for some (yet unfinished) quilted potholders. I've seen many cute pincushions with buttons in the middle and thought that I should try that technique too while I was at it. But now I know I'll be on the hunt for some white buttons or a rainbow mix because I had to dig around in my mom's bin of extra buttons from sweaters and cardigans!

Summer's now just fours days away due to my after-midnight posting, so I hope to be here much more often by then. Happy sewing!

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