Monday, April 29, 2013

A Knifty Change

It's quite a shame I keep letting days go by without posting more often, since it's so enjoyable for me to document what I'm working on, to keep myself up to date and accountable plus just maybe inspire a present or future reader to craft and create.

Anyway what I mean to say before I forget is that, unfortunately, because I predicted that bringing my sewing machine to school for another two weeks might mean that it won't get used the whole time, again, I decided that this week I'd bring my knitting basket! Don't worry though, I'm not about to jump ship and become a knitting blog entirely, but this just fits the circumstances for now. I'm currently using my handy-dandy Knifty Knitter circular and rectangular looms to make some crafty progress while away from my machine and wonderfully growing fabric stash. On my red loom I have a hat almost completed using Caron Simply Soft yarn in Light Country Blue and Dark Country Blue together. I apologize for the terrible phone picture below, but in the very near future I'm going to purchase a new actual camera and it will make up for this, I promise!

This hat plus a few others left at home and hopefully a couple more made this week and next will all be sent out to Craft Hope's Project 21 which I mentioned a couple of posts ago. I can't wait so send in my completed hats and scarves and see the wonderful photos of kids so happy to receive them.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of my most recent, amazing fabric order from Form and Fabric which I purchased with birthday fabric money from my parents. I'll have to tell you more about my new fabric when I'm back home again!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Busy April

Yes I apologize I've been a bit A.W.O.L.! This past week was filled with so many things like studying for a very big test in Economics, working like usual, and oh yeah my birthday. I still don't really feel like I'm twenty! At least now I can live up to my blog's name, and I know there are going to be amazing things in my future for this decade, sewing and otherwise.

However since I know you're here to see sewing-relating things and what I've been working on, here's a picture to show you that I have worked on something recently, even if it's not the quilt that I finished shortly after Easter and still haven't found the courage to try binding again. Instead this is one of two drawstring bags that I'm making for the two young girls that I nanny for, this one fitting the request of mostly blues with a bit of green.

I hope she loves it as much as I do! And this was fairly painless and fun to make, so after the second one, which is focused on a rainbow theme, I might see more of these in my immediate sewing future. I do hope you can forgive me for the lack of quilt photos but with my guilt growing about that, they should appear here soon. Anyway happy Sunday!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Craft Hope Project 21

Today I was reading through posts on my Facebook page and came upon one for Project 21 called Rally for Roma, organized by Craft Hope. I participated in the last donation collection of their which collected handmade baby bibs for orphans in China. I felt so happy to contribute!
(Picture borrowed from the Craft Hope website.)
Clicking here can direct you to their website. I hope that this can help spread the word about this wonderful project so others can join in the cause.

Monday, April 8, 2013

A New Finish On The Horizon

So sorry to have almost disappeared! I've been sewing lots, I promise, especially on what will be my first finished quilt, though it's not the first quilt I started, but that's a story for another day. Over my college's spring break I created my Easter themed quilt blocks, made a quilt top, and spent hours quilting it. Yet now, to my disappointment, I have gotten stuck on the step of sewing on the binding. I knew I wanted to do it by machine, so I began to follow the tutorial on the blog In Color Order, but when I got to sewing the binding to the front, the problems began. I must have tried to start sewing on the binding seven times! I had to take a break, and then drove my brother and I back to school, so I think I'll attack it again tomorrow or Tuesday. My new idea was to try using a zigzag stitch; even though it will show on the binding and the front/back of the quilt, it's just for me so I just have to remind myself that the aesthetics should be my last concern - I want a finished quilt!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My First Post

Hello blogging world! This will be my first time creating and maintaining a blog, so I'm sure to learn a lot along the way. This will be a place for me to document my sewing adventures, creating everything from drawstring bags to giant quilts. Looking ahead, I hope to connect with other sewing bloggers whose posts and pictures I use for inspiration, and create my own projects that can inspire as well. To all my new and future readers, happy crafting!