Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Most Wonderful Gifts

Today was a magnificent day! :) I received both of my swap items, from Anna and Kitty, and I am so in awe of their creativity and kindness. Words may not convey everything, so I've included pictures of their, and now my, wonderful things.

First, here are the two bundles I sent out to my friends, inspired by their loves of aqua, lime, and orange. For Kitty, I made a 14-slot colored pencil roll with orange fabrics for the outside and limes for the inside; for Anna, I made a 10-slot crotchet hook roll and reversed the color order. The backs both have a fun block from Tula Pink's sampler book, #86. I also included fat quarters of Metro Living, three from Denyse Schmidt lines, Heirloom opal (Joel Dewberry), a fat eighth of Riley Blake Tuxedo, and a couple scraps from the projects. I also found the perfect hounds tooth ribbon last week, so that just had to wrap them up. As you can probably tell, I left wrapping these up until the last minute, and didn't take nearly enough pictures, or even one of the actual gifts! I do hope the girls can post some on their blog for me, that would make my day :)


Below, in all their glory, are the two swap items I received. Anna send an adorable house block pillow cover, with purples and blues which I just love, and a super cool bird, surrounded by Noteworthy (one of my favorites!). Unfortunately I don't have a good picture of the back, but she used the gorgeous blue chevron you can see on the front, and even a beautiful purple floral for the inside. I so wish I could free motion quilt like she does! Anna also included some scraps I will most definitely put to good use, some candy, and even some stinkin cute fabric tape. :)

Kitty sent a mini quilt, which just made me smile like a big idiot. She picked Flea Market Fancy knowing I would love it, and tried out some lone star blocks which turned out wonderful. I wish you could see the quilting on this, I'm so envious and I'll have to discover her secrets! The back (which again I forgot a picture of) is more Flea Market Fancy in reds and greys, which tie it all together; she even included these dotty scraps. 

I may have felt just a little scared when I opened both of these wonderful gifts and thought, these seem so above and beyond my humble pencil/crotchet rolls! :( But then I read an email from Kitty, writing that the pencil roll I sent, is the most perfect thing I could ever dream to have, and I wasn't so scared anymore :) She was amazed by the love and wishes we sent, and really I can't say it better myself. These beauties will always make me smile, and think of the friends I am so fortunate to have.


  1. I won't quite have time to write a post about my gifts, since I'm flying out to California to visit family in like two hours, but I just wanted to say that the pencil holder is truly indeed the most perfect thing ever :) As soon as I get home, I'm blogging about my presents!!

  2. Dude! You had nothing to be scared of! I LOVE my new crochet hook holder! It's just so pretty and awesome and PRETTY!! :) I haven't been able to take any decent photos of my presents yet, but soon they will be displayed for all the world to see!

    Btw- mind if I borrow the picture of the pillow case? I totally forgot to take pictures before I sent them off... I know, fail!

  3. I can't even tell you how relieved I feel now, thank you guys :) My one post of adoration may not have been enough to convince the (blogging) world, so I think I'll sneak in some more in my next post ;)