Friday, February 28, 2014

February Fail

Yikes I've got a post to write! I think I'll jump into the link up for Fiber of All Sorts and A Lovely Year of Finishes just under the wire. [Edited: Oops, I had to ask for her to remove my link because I didn't actually finish my goal...dang it.] I just cannot believe how busy this semester has been so far, and sadly how little sewing I have done recently. Unfortunately my February goal did not get met, though I have made some progress on my rainbow baby quilt. The one picture I have is in yucky lighting though, so I'd rather show you something else ;) Instead here is a photo from Jessi's Flickr page showing an amazing photo of the car trash collector I sewed up for her since her birthday is in February as part of the Handmade Birthday Club 2014. I was rather pleased with myself, sending off this cute bag made with adjustments to Jeni's wonderful drawstring bag tutorial. Now I hope I can sew up something great for March too. Thanks for stopping by!

Totally adorable car junk bag for #handmadebirthdayclub2014 from @sew_into_my_20s !!!  So cute!  Prob too cute for car trash!  #makingbirthdayshappen

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  1. Well, it's too bad you didn't make your goal, but there's always next time. The bag is really cute!!