Sunday, June 15, 2014

A "SEWjo Saturday" Finish

Summer here has been wonderful so far, and unfortunately that's why I have been absent from here! But as my lovely friend Jess from Quilty Habit has said before, using wonderful outlets like Instagram cannot always replace typing things out and keeping a bigger written record. :) I do spend a lot of time on there though, and you can find me by searching for @sew_into_my_20s ;)

My reason for blogging today is I'm linking up to SEWjo Saturday at My Go-Go Life. You can even click to look at the other people joining the party, and see some pretty awesome things.

I actually have an adorable, long-overdue project that is finished and ready to share. Here it is!

It turned out well, huh? I'm pretty pleased with myself. :) I adjusted some of the selvages that I included, plus added a fabric scrap and some candy, so it's ready to send tomorrow morning. Yay!


  1. What a wonderful project!

  2. Very great project and you are the winner of the incentive prize for linking up to SEWjo Saturday! Thank you so much for linking up and please send me your contact infer :)