Monday, April 8, 2013

A New Finish On The Horizon

So sorry to have almost disappeared! I've been sewing lots, I promise, especially on what will be my first finished quilt, though it's not the first quilt I started, but that's a story for another day. Over my college's spring break I created my Easter themed quilt blocks, made a quilt top, and spent hours quilting it. Yet now, to my disappointment, I have gotten stuck on the step of sewing on the binding. I knew I wanted to do it by machine, so I began to follow the tutorial on the blog In Color Order, but when I got to sewing the binding to the front, the problems began. I must have tried to start sewing on the binding seven times! I had to take a break, and then drove my brother and I back to school, so I think I'll attack it again tomorrow or Tuesday. My new idea was to try using a zigzag stitch; even though it will show on the binding and the front/back of the quilt, it's just for me so I just have to remind myself that the aesthetics should be my last concern - I want a finished quilt!

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