Sunday, June 23, 2013

Away again

In recent weeks I've been far, far too busy. Fortunately, I have just one blog follower at the moment, so I'm betting the rest of the quilting blog world didn't notice my absence and that's okay I guess. Anyway I will try to be back here SOON, but for now I am just claiming my blog on Bloglovin :)

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  1. While you're writing your post in blogger, there should be a button above the text box that says "HTML" next to one that says "compose" or "rich text". You need to past the code while in "HTML" mode and then when you switch back to regular "compose" mode, it will be formatted correctly. That's how you do the buttons for things like WiP Wednesday and stuff too :)

  2. OOhhhh! I'll try to fix it in the morning before work thanks! And now I can know for things like that too; I'm sure trying to participate in WiP Wednesday would keep me on track with finishing up projects... :)

  3. Yay oh my goodness a follower! Someone to read my ramblings ;)