Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm busy Aix-ploring France!

*Cue giant arm waves*

I'm still here (sort of) I promise! Anna recently blogged about the swapping adventures between us and our friend Kitty so I felt it was high time to show I'm alive, and very appreciative of the shout-out as well. It just might have kept my few followers from jumping ship! ;)

Anyway, I thought I should explain that the reason I've been AWOL is that, like Kitty, I'm studying abroad! My program is through my home university, and I'm living with a host family in the wonderful city of Aix-en-Provence, France until mid December. It's certainly such an adjustment, and my French knowledge is really being tested! So far I am having a wonderful time, and I look forward to more adventures, both here and in other nearby countries. I won't make promises, but I'm entertaining the idea of visiting Spain, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic before the semester is over. :)

So as not to be finish sad and picture-less, here are some from my first two weeks here in France.

The beach in Nice, isn't is beautiful!?
My delicious gelato from a place in Saint-Tropez.
A fun market stall in Marseille.
Now I can't promise that my blog updating will be a regular thing like usual, but for this semester I hope to keep any and all readers update with some fun things once in a while, like a virtual vacation. Sound good? Hope to write again soon.

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  1. That beach is making me so jealous.

    Also I'm having sewing machine withdrawl.