Friday, October 18, 2013

"Not all those who wander are lost."

I think I'm getting good at this forget-to-post/become-shocked-by-the-date thing, no? I picked the post title (J.R.R. Tolkien) because it describes what I have been doing, much better than I could say myself.

In order to keep taking a very spotty account of my times in the south of France, I'll do a short recap, with lots of pictures, to prevent the horrors of reading a novel-sized biography for each picture. You're welcome :)

 This was a view of the beach and some boats in Saint Tropez, one of the most tranquil scenes I've witnessed in France yet!

The giant fountain in the center of Aix-en-Provence, where I'm living for the semester.

This was an art show in a limestone quarry cave, where music played and Impressionist paintings were projected onto the walls, like these by Monet. It was so cool!

The city of Les Beaux also showcased a couple-thousand-year-old chateau and other neat things like a trebuchet and a catapult.  


My parents came to visit me and we went on lots of day trips, like this one to the cute and quaint city of Cassis. 
This time my dad (and mom) and I are in Lacoste, a tiny little hillside town. It had beautiful views of the valley.

 My mom actually asked me to capture this photo of a cemetery in Menerbes and I think the photo would be striking in black and white. 

I have some more photos of day trip towns but I'll save those for another day, so I have no excuse about lacking content for another post. Here's hoping I won't forget or procrastinate and actually put them up before the semester's over at this rate!


  1. Holy crap that art exhibit looks like the coolest thing ever. So glad you're enjoying your time over here! And that's awesome your parents could come visit, I never stay in one place long enough for people to visit...

  2. Ahh! I have to agree, I'm jealous about that art exhibit! Enjoy!! Sorry you can't sew right now but keep dreaming of fabric... :)