Sunday, July 28, 2013

A New Record

This is the second post in two days! I'm on a roll :) My reason is to gloat show some recent (and semi-recent) fabric stashings in hopes of creating inspiration for others or just keeping a record to show myself later that I don't need more fabric. Yeah right!

First up is a stack of beauties from Form and Fabric, whom I have purchased from before, and again I am just as excited. From bottom to top they are Flea Market Fancy seeds, Tula Pink fans, Happier garden, floral, birds and more floral, some organic white, and Tula Pink again. :) These fabrics (which are a massive yard each because of clearance!) keep making me smile. Seriously, go check out their clearance (and shipping) prices!

Then about a week ago, I purchased an assortment from Bloomerie fabrics again, since they were offering me 20% off of everything for missing my business. I can't argue with that! Again using my spending money (read: tip money) I chose half yards each of the Posy bunnies, and quarter yards of the Lizzy House jewels, Noteworthy be happy dots, fly a kite, Cuzco woven geo and confetti flower, Tinsel argyle and Ladybug Garden petal. Oh and of course an adorable charm pack of Flurry by Kate Spain, all sitting on 2 1/2 massive yards of an off-white solid.

I'm not trying to make you jealous, honest, and thankfully I have a plan for a lot of these so they don't linger in the stash for months...I do admit that a couple are to help deficient stash colors (can you guess?). Plus two of the bunny prints and the white will be used for the Swoon baby quilt! I also scored some Kona Tarragon in the remnant bin at Joann today, so I'll be using that too. I do have to order a couple more pastel solids (since Joann had a crappy selection of Kona pastels), I'm thinking Fabric Shack this time, but I might find myself cutting before then, I'm just too excited.

I've also made lots of progress on my pink and white quilt, and almost have the whole top together! Oh happy day :)


  1. Such pretty piles of fabric! I need to get some more Flea Market Fancy seeds... I love those prints so much :)

  2. Oh goodness it's going to be hard to cut into those! Or well everything in these pictures... I think I have a problem with this hobby of mine, I don't want to use any of my pretty supplies!