Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Quick Update

I really wish I could stay a while and post a lot of picture updates, but Jeopardy under my quilt and sleep are quite necessary, especially since I was asked tonight to work an 8 hour shift tomorrow...yeah. Just to keep any and all followers somewhat intrigued, here's a quick shot of my newest quilt top, in blocks that is. I still have to add one more row of that dark pink paired with the solid, but then I can finally sew it together! :)


  1. WOOOOOO SEWING! I've had the triangles for a quilt laid out on the floor for over a week now, I just can't find the mojo to sew it together... I'm so lame.

  2. Pretty! :) I love white and pink together. Sounds like you've been super busy lately! Kudos for getting so much of this done already.

    Man, I wish I could lay out a quilt on the floor and leave it there like you can! Mine would get eaten by demonic puppies... (Not really puppies. But I love them, so they're puppies :P)