Saturday, July 27, 2013

Here's to Better Pictures

I've missed blogging here, that's for sure! Work has kept me very busy but I've still (somehow) managed to squeeze in some sewing time. I'm excited to show you what's been up in my neck of the woods :)

First I've got to give proper thanks for my recent photos to my new camera! It's my super cool, Powershot SX 500 which I bought on sale from Costco with tip money I saved :)

Next, progress with my pink chevron quilt. I've got all of the rows sewn together now, and two pairs of rows are together. I'd be doing more right now, but that's the scariest part, trying to match up all of those nested seams!

Oops! I'll be more careful taking apart my chain piecing...

Just so I don't leave you with (another) picture of my so-so pink quilt, here's a shot of my frog pincushion, the only one I've ever made and kept for myself since I began sewing. It's seen better days, that's for sure. Maybe I should remedy that soon!


  1. Looks like your pink quilt is coming along! Yay for new camera! :) Cute froggy pin cushion. I love that he's even on a little lily pad. Adorable!

  2. Thanks! :) I found the pattern for him in tiny booklet and felt pack made for kids' sewing. But I'm so glad I made him, and now stab him to death daily hehe