Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Quilty Dilemma

I am still stuck on what to decide, so I thought I would post here in hopes that even just one blogger can comment and help me to decide. One can hope anyway :)

My dilemma concerns the idea of making a quilt for a friend and coworker, who is going to have a baby girl some time this month. I haven't ever given a quilt away, since I've only actually finished one to date, so the idea scares me just a bit, but I'm pressing on. In my mind, I have three choices:

1. Make a baby quilt using a sampling of the quilt blocks found in my new amazing book, Tula Pink's City Sampler book, which I am absolutely in love with

2. Instead, joining in with Fairy Face Designs and the Swoon-along to create a baby quilt with either one or four blocks (which I am also in love with; take a look at Anna's stunning block!)

3. Doing both, while making one a lap quilt size instead (or going in a different direction altogether)

With my busy work schedule, I don't know if option three is realistic, but I know I really want to make something for her to show my congratulations. Below I'll include a picture of my initial fabric pull for the baby quilt, just to show you an idea of where I'm going. Here's my ultimate question: what would you do?


  1. Personally, I would swoon. I think four blocks would make the most darling baby quilt :) But it also depends on what gender the baby is, I'd say. A swoon is perfect for a little girl, but too flowery for a boy.

    Baby quilts are sometimes easier, since they're smaller. I love doing baby quilts :)

  2. I just started quilting again last fall and have done several baby quilts. I love them because due the the smaller size, they are quick and always swooned over. Number 3 would be my first choice but would actually do 2 for the same reason you mention. Darn job always getting in the way of my quilting...............

  3. Well, maybe you could start two and if it seems like you won't have enough time to finish both, pick your favorite to continue? I dunno. I would lean toward swooning because I love it so much ;) But I maybe be biased!

    Thanks for the shout out!